As a member of Jreviv Global , you have access to the full range of benefits that comes with easy, instant and fair financial services. Our partners have created banking software which is being used by millions of loyal banking customers over the last decades.

We reach over 130 countries, with our global rewards program .

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Jreviv Global system provides services from Know-Your-Client (KYC) through settlement by using a sophisticated Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) web-based package. This bank in a box program enables businesses to leverage powerful and stable relationships across the globe in a secure environment.

We strive to make our products simple to understand and easy to use. We take extra care to think and communicate with absolute clarity.

The financial industry is changing which can improve your bottom line as a business.

Fiat Money or Cryptocurrency both can be transferred through the Jreviv Global payment system in minutes.

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Rewards Program


From retail shopping to cash back from ATMs and more, you can redeem your debit card transactions for free Satoshi Rewards program in your Ewallet account without buying Bitcoins.

Just like gift card options: turn your monthly fiat purchases to bitcoin just for using our debit card and monthly. It's a simple you Earn Free Satoshis without buying Bitcoins. Why earn the same old fiat money the old way with the same old Frequent Flyer program?

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JREVIV GLOBAL ® Software Payment Platform incorporates our proprietary payment solutions, with prepaid cards including prepaid Visa®, prepaid MasterCard ® and Loyalty Rewards systems. Our technology simplifies domestic and international payment transactions in multiple global currencies while ensuring fully compliant transactions. Our security systems include digital facial recognition software, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) data compiling software and an efficient Know-Your-Client (KYC) process that meets and exceeds the banking and government agency requirements.

With JREVIV GLOBAL  on your team, there are fewer barriers to market entry and fewer costs. Our streamlined solution works for virtually any business in need of payment processing, domestically (US) and internationally. As a multi-currency platform, this independent system can run your entire business via SMS. Communicate, monitor and allow transactions with every customer instantly.



JREVIV offers a payment solution with
a focus on process
Our system provides a streamlined process to operate your business. Accept payments. Make Payments. Provide Incentives. Each component of the JREVIV platform is designed to be simple for the user and for the management. Peer-to-Peer payments worldwide in real-time with built in FX is only one small component of the powerful JREVIV software solution. JREVIV offers a fully integrated platform at highly competitive rates, robust features and continuous system enhancements.

JREVIV can customize its platform to meet exacting standards—we can work with your IT professionals or outsource our team for you. To find out if you are eligible to include JREVIV in your business model, contact our US representative today.