In today’s world of evolving payment systems from new kinds of cards to mobile payment technologies, our APIs for industry specific mobile wallet solutions, coupled with several value added services, address the the large gaps of markets like Payroll ,Hospitality, Travel, Education and Cryptocurrency existing mobile applications that as a result empower the business owners (our partners) to penetrate the untapped market and create new revenue streams. JRG’s flexible business model empowers businesses such as financial institutions, issuers and wallet service providers to setup their own payment solution at a low cost. It seamlessly combines mobile payments and loyalty making it useful for retailers and consumers. Furthermore, JRG differentiates itself by building customized solutions for each of its micro markets such as Payroll, Hospitality, Retail, Cryptocurrency and Educational sectors. Travellers get easy Points and use it to travel on trips and exchange for gifts or discounts. Our wallet powered by multiple banking and security technology companies  leverages KYC, AML and facial digital technologies, we are more secure than a bank.