Keep pace with the Digital Payment Revolution with faster,
Secure & Brandable Payment options

Welcome to JRG Partner Program
JRG offers real added value and extensive expertise in building end-to-end and innovative alternative banking and payment solutions.
Our partner program allows its partners to leverage our custom-built business model – focusing on the provision of fulfilling the specific needs of each customer, each merchant and industry.

Features :
Rebrandable Platform
A customer-friendly payment application that you can brand or co-brand in your own name

Open API & SDK
Create and control the seamless payment experiences that fit your needs with our open API & SDK

Seamless Payments
Deliver seamless and secure payment experiences that delight your customers

Customized Notifications
We support out-of-the-box customized user interfaces and APIs that customers can use to build their own user experience

Industry-Wise Value Added Services

Value-Added Services will benefit your customers and eventually drive Mobile Payments adoption

We look forward to hearing from you!

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