Self-deploying financial
mobile payment solutions: giving true hope for
the unbanked, on the the big blue marble in space.

6 Billion+ people in the world need help – the un-banked and under-banked. They cannot (or cannot easily):

Have the security of not always having to carry cash • Travel • Spend outside of their countries • Receive money from outside of their countries • Participate In “Globalization” – being shut-off by their banks & Central Banks • Note: most bankcards issued in developing countries have restrictions and cannot be used internationally; therefore, most of the currently banked in the world are, essentially, under-banked.
Their predicaments are getting worse: • Banks are abandoning more of these people • Banks call it, “De-Risk” • De-Risk means more un-banked (bank-less) • Banks favor the 1% – The richest 1% of the world now owns 50% of its wealth (totaling $250 trillion)

There is a $ Trillion+ market to reward helping the 99% (6 billion+).

 We believe if  1 Million  customers joined us and invited  10 friends to Jreviv Global’s payment services we can change the world in less than 24 months.